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Protected: ISH Anti-Bullying Survey

Welcome to your ISH Survey   We are doing this to try get an overview of how students are feeling in school. Please answer the questions honetly. The survey is completely anonymous and no personal details are recorded in any way. ┬áresults will be issued by your mentors ijn due course. The word regularly means three or four times a month. frequently means a number of times per week. if you have an issue with bullying in the school we encourage you to inform a member of staff in school. Thank you. Which class are you in? MYP 5 DP 1Which of the following best describe your gender? Female MaleWhen the word bullying is metioned, do you have a clear idea in yur mind of what that term means? Yes NoWhich of the following descriptions of bullying would fit your idea of what bullying is? Physical violence on one or more occasions. Emotional abuse on one or more occasions. Teasing, Name calling, making a joke of ones culture or language. Exposure to repeated negative actions on the part of one or more people over a period of time.Have you been bullied over the last twelve months? Yes NoI was called mean names, was made fun or teased in a hurtful way? This has not happened to me This has happened a couple of times in the past year. This...

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